"Love, Unity, Strength and Endurance"


We thank God for wonderful years. We are striving for higher heights with the Lord. Mothers are the workers of the church, a group, and we should have the cooperation of every Mother. As a group we are to keep the church, the communion table, baptism gowns, towels, etc, and to go visit the sick.

As a rule, the members of the Mother Ministry are asked to accompany Rev. Parker to other churches and outings, come dressed in the appropriate uniform. It is also expected that each member will wear her uniform when there is a special function at Ebenezer.

Our work is to be decent and in order. We are starting a brand new year. A meeting is scheduled every month. All meetings will begin at 10:00 A.M. and end at 11:00 A.M. on the first Saturday of each month before the first Sunday.

After each monthly meeting, the mothers will meet with the Deacons to serve Holy Communion to the sick and shut-in-members of Ebenezer. Rev. Parker look to each of us to follow the leadership of Jesus and be faithful Mothers in the church.

Yours in Christ, Peace and Love
Linda Farris, President